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Over the last 10 years we've had a great time designing and helping int he naming process for various AkitaMata CDs. This is challenging and intelligent music which led us to develop the "Digital Burns" strap line and the "Music for the hearing Prepared" slogan.

Each album can be radically different and have textures which range from highly rhythmic dance pieces to experimental "Concrete" music. We encourage you to try and experience some of his music. It can easily be found on ITunes or Emusic or most other electronic outlets.

Relief is a quiet and contemplative disc.

Poder y Amor

is an energetic CD with political overtones that grooves and dances along from the very start with throbbing beats you might find in alarge highly charged latin american city.

We made it a point to change and push the design of each disc in ways that reflected the tone of the music.

New Catal Hyuk

After looking at an archeological map of the area, I was driven towards a treatment of zones of color that have rays moving out from the past to the future.


Most of these albums are made as orchestral, hour-long recordings that are then segmented according to the artists vision of the music. This piece is particularly informed by an abiding interest in the work of ambient music pioneer Brian Eno.

Price of Peacce

Our approach to this title was to try and reflect the "distressed" and weathered feeling the music implies. It also contains extracts from political dialogue and a certain broken view of a political environment which is essentially toxic in nature.

The Mornings

Shimmering, quiet relection of the state of an idividual as he greets the day over a series of mornings. A bit the same as Monet's views of Rouen Cathedral, the artist seeks to capture a fleeting and banale emotional state which he noticed is nevertheless rich in texture.