1. We love Churros Party

    A wonderful idea ahead of its time for the Swiss market.

  2. We love Churros Party

    A wonderful idea ahead of its time for the Swiss market.


Created for Any Foods SA

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We have done

  1. Branding
  2. Illustration
  3. Shop

Any Food came to us with the idea of creating an American style brand for their chain of Sugary fast food shops.

After identifying the shapes which intentionally link back to 50's and 60's cartoons we started wtih an existing type face that we tweaked to get the basic Churros Party! logo then looked for a handwritten sytle for the secondary typeface. Sweetness and sugar were suggested by the sparkly stars and the reversed out writing on blue and white. We were looking to communicate: Fun, Family and Sugary pleasure snacks.

Even though we were new people were convinced that it was an established chain out of the US! Exactly what the client ordered!

A "Cast if Characters" were developped to reinforce the youthful fun we were trying to communicate.

Working with our friend Katia we developped a "for the whole family" approach. By using the the secondary typeface to create the cast of characters we were able to force consistency between the characters. We intentionally made some of the charcters playful and "goofy" but others just happy.

Sweet and dynamic

Alot of cinnamon rolls and icing shapes here!

Young and old... everybody likes Churros Party!

Light Totem and Table toppers

We created combo offers for the light totem and smaller vertical table toppers for individual offers. In the end we also branded the "Salty" offers and made the supporting elements for the hot dogs with grilled onions! Yuuuuummmy!

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