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With no actual communications guidelines established yet, we moved forward with a simple clear idea that had potential to be adapted with other supporting messages and was cost-effective. Using arresting simple stock images we acknowledged the fact that communication up to that point could be viewed as difficult and reinforced that things were changing. We made a point of creating simple clear texts phrases that could be understood by the multi-cultural population to which we were communicating.
This campaign was developed for the HQ and rolled out around the world.
It was definitely fun to walk through the headquarters in Vevey and see our pigeon decorating many walls and cubicles!

Every story has a beginning. Nestlé's Corporate HR communications asked us to help them with an internal activation campaign for the employee satisfaction survey. We quickly jumped in with an idea that pushed the contrast between slow, indirect or unclear means of communication and the opportunity to be heard. Needless to say the campaign was a great success and was the beginning of a 3 year collaboration that is still going strong today!





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