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    Eurpopean wide study key visual and applications


European wide study on spasticity in stroke cases

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  1. Logo/Key visual
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We are very happy to have provided a rich base for the SISTERS study. The difficulty was finding a key visual that would be understood in the research community. So after some intial suggestions on measuring we came upon the theme of the goniometer. The visual was very well received and the multi-year study has been a success.

Below is the first validated version of the logo. It uses the violet of the Medtronic's "Scientia" programme as an accent.

The first simple version used only a streamlined version of the object. It was intentionally left more neutral in order to communicate the study and not the MDT brand as sponsor.

The above mark was seen as too strongly competing as a proper mark with the Medtronic brand and a a result we were asked to make it more illsutratvie and focus on a key visual. Hence the final version which intentionally links back thematically to the Medtronic Rising Man logo.

Front and Back of Flyer and Letterhead

The new version makes good use of the anatomical human form in a varigated research context.

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